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Enthusiastic and attractive tourist places in Gujarat

Enthusiastic and attractive tourist places in Gujarat

Gujarat is a beautiful place to visit with many attractive tourist places. People from India and from foreign countries flock to the place for a wonderful visit. It includes all kinds of trips such as religious trips, business trips, cultural trips, historical trips, etc. All the places in this state are interesting and amazing. There are a lot of tourist attractions in this state and we will discuss nine of them in the following way.

Laxmi Vilas Palace (Baroda)

A site of great pride and honor is the Laxmi Vilas Palace. The area of ​​this palace is four times larger if compared to Buckingham Palace in England. She possesses the royal gaze all over the world. The Maharaja of Baroda and his family members found their abode in this palace.

Sardar Sarovar Dam

It is the largest dam project located in Navagam, which is considered a family tourist destination and is meant to be enjoyed as a picnic spot. Many tourists are attracted and flock towards this location.

Somnath Temple

The most sacred religious pilgrimage is Somnath Temple where people from all over the world gather to visit this biggest tourist attraction and it is one of the places of Char Dham Yatra.

Dwarakadheesh Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. His visit is one of the places in the Char Dham Yatra. It is a wonderful religious site for the world that follows the culture and traditions of the Hindus.

Haji Pir Dargah

It is also a religious site for Muslims, worshiped and visited in honor of Haji Pir, the most populous saint (Jundi Shahabuddin Ghori). It finds its location on the border between India and Pakistan (Kutch).

Gir Forest National Park

The world’s most amazing and beautiful wildlife sanctuary is the Gir Forest National Park located in Junagadh. People come here to visit the site from far away to witness the natural beauty.


There was a modern city during the Indus Valley Civilization period and that modern city was Lothal. It is the finest representation of ancient India. People come here to visit this site to learn about India’s past.


Another modern city of the Indus Valley Civilization is called Dholvira which also represents ancient India. It is the biggest tourist attraction and is visited to get deep knowledge about India’s past.


The hill station in this state that proves to be the best tourist spot in India is Satpura. It consists of several locations such as Artist Village, Vansda National Park, Purna Sanctuary, Boating, Sunrise Point, Sunset Point, Ropeway, Gira Falls and Gardens.

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Hence, Gujarat is a great location to visit and enjoy religious, cultural, ancient and entertaining sites.

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