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Generation Z is all about the gig economy

Generation Z is all about the gig economy

In 2017, we came close to welcoming Gen Z into the workplace. Millennials (Gen Y) have already established a safe place and lead the parade, and will now need to equip themselves to head starters.

With this shift in generation, HR will need to start its groundwork to embrace the new wave of hiring from true digital natives (Gen Z). Generation Z is always in touch with the digital world and it is absolutely impossible to isolate them. This new alliance with new talent doesn’t come easy. Recruiters should look at accommodating this generation as a potential organizational disruption and restructure business operations and management to better engage millennials.

The contemporary job market is seeing recruiting teams and managers hire more temporary workers. In 2015, a study by Ardent Research confirmed the fact that by 2017 nearly 45% of the global workforce will be temporary workers. The traits Gen Z carry is demonstrated by the fact that they are already affected by the gig economy of independent contractors, freelancers, consultants, and consultants.

Some of the characteristics that set Gen Z apart from the rest and direct their preference towards the gig economy are:

Individuality and the desire to stand out is ingrained in this generation. They look for the jobs that suit them best and won’t settle for anything less. An unsatisfactory job means moving on to the next.

• multitasking:
With the uncertainty that has always enveloped Generation Z, they are susceptible to change and with that comes the ability to overcome distractions and the skill to multitask efficiently. The ability to work concurrently means more hands-on experience on multiple projects and a broader portfolio to showcase.

• High expectations:
Gen z is an innate modernizer with a curious nature to learn and explore. Job satisfaction is more than just the paycheck they take home, it’s about comfort, ergonomics, and organizational flexibility. This outlook may be the reason why this generation prefers freelancing or working from home, where they can work on their own terms and at their convenience.

• people who love traveling:
Generation Z is cosmopolitan, they are continuing their mundane communication. Keenness to explore and travel makes them more open to jobs all over the world and always ready to relocate.

• Tech savvy:
With the constant gradient upwards and being surrounded by digital devices all the time, Gen Z is very tech savvy. They have the internet at their fingertips and learning has become easy. They can adapt very easily and agile.

The time available now is not enough and soon, we have a group of determined individuals who hope to make the world a better place. It now falls to HR to do their homework and analyze the capabilities and capabilities that Generation Z may bring to this highly competitive job market.

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