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Haridwar Hotels – Luxury in the religious city

Haridwar Hotels - Luxury in the religious city

Haridwar hotels are conveniently located and provide a calm and serene ambience for weary travelers in general. It is not difficult to reach weary travelers in the region, as the region is a major pilgrimage destination and people from all over the country fast for a few months and perform a pilgrimage in order to visit the holy city of Haridwar. For this reason, people who visit Haridwar usually hope to find a good accommodation no matter how much it may cost them.

Guests can also travel at ease as most of the luxury hotels in Haridwar are located near the places of interest in the city. The luxury hotels in Haridwar have an excellent infrastructure and cater to the wealthy pilgrims visiting the city. These hotels have all the modern amenities that guests may need and the staff is professionally trained. These luxury hotels offer warm hospitality and guests can enjoy a pleasant stay in the city.

There are many luxury hotels located in Haridwar including Classic Residency Hotel, Sagar Ganga Resort, Parkview Hotel, Ginger Hotel, Country Inn & Suites and many more. Many of these hotels have earned a reputation for excellent service and are well known in the hotel industry. Haridwar luxury hotels provide all the mandatory services expected from a luxury hotel. They are famous for their excellent vegetarian restaurants, since many pilgrims are the main guests of the hotels, the cuisine is primarily vegetarian. They offer different vegetarian fare which includes Rajasthani, Gujarati and local cuisine as well.

There are quite a few heritage hotels available in Haridwar and these are some of the highest rated hotels in the religious city. Haridwar Haveli Hari Ganga is one of the pioneers in the hospitality industry in Haridwar. Located near the Ganges River, the hotel is surrounded by many religious shrines and temples. The hotel interiors are designed in the style of old havelis and buildings and there are modern facilities that guests may need. The hotel is an architectural feat and is one of the most beautiful buildings to be seen in the city.

Choosing to stay in this hotel can be very difficult, as rooms in such heritage hotels are booked in advance by the tourists visiting the city. Make sure to ring the counter once before you land at their front door in Haridwar.

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