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Qualifications of the flight crew and their suitability for the job

Embarking on the journey to become a full cabin crew is exciting, but not without challenges. Hence, it is important to ascertain the why, where, and what the job entails in order to generate job, financial, and experience satisfaction from the job as a cabin crew.

The aim of this chapter is to provide guidance and assessment if this job is right for you. Often, we leave this part of the job to the airline recruiter or interviewer. Of course, each of us hopes that the interviewer will accept us regardless of whether we are a good candidate for this job. It is also possible that we are trying to mold ourselves to fit the job, as it is common for many to justify why the job is a good fit for them.

Without proper assessment, the journey of searching and working in this job can be frustrating and in many cases disappointing due to a lack of understanding of the job requirements and their impact on career growth, mindset, financial management/behavior and lifestyle. It also affects long-term career interest, transition to key positions and personal quality of life.

In the following paragraphs, we hope to provide insights into what a cabin crew job entails as well as some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Knowledge and suitability for the job

The role of the flight crew

1. What do you think of the role of the cabin crew / What do you think is the primary responsibility of the cabin crew?

The flight crew is on board for safety reasons. In the event of a true emergency, the flight crew must ensure that passengers follow the captain’s instructions, use safety equipment properly, and remain as calm as possible.

During the flight, the cabin crew spends a lot of time taking care of the comfort of the passengers. This includes paying special attention to children traveling alone, people with disabilities or those who are ill. The crew should appear friendly and sympathetic to anyone who needs help, advice, reassurance, sympathy, or even, on occasion, strong persuasion.

Other duties during the flight include preparing and serving meals and drinks and cleaning up afterward, selling duty-free goods, and assisting passengers to use the in-flight entertainment system. There are also paperwork to complete, and this can include trip reports, customs and immigration documents, duty-free sales accounts, and meal and beverage orders.

At the end of the flight, the crew makes sure that the passengers leave the plane safely.

2. What kind of person would fit this role?

An individual who has the following ideal qualities:
a. Dedication to detail
B. emphasis
c. Adaptability
Dr.. Intercultural understanding/sensitivity
H. Organizer
F. Base-oriented
g. Good listening skills
h. stable emotion
I. discipline
j. friendliness
K. Humble disposition
to. honesty
M. sincerity
n. Warm personality
a. Approachability
g. sense of humor.

The successful candidate will also need the ability to remain calm and level headed in emergency situations and be completely flexible about working with new people, going different routes and working non-communicative hours.

3. Is the role of cabin crew glamorous?

Well, it sure is seen as charming and definitely has its travel benefits. People see cabin crew in action, travel around the world and form an immediate impression of what they think the job involves. In fact, the customer only sees a fraction of what happens to make each trip a success. The fact is that the flight crew must combine work as a flying waiter or waitress, mobile shop assistant, cleaner, as well as all emergency services rolled into one. It can be a stressful, confusing lifestyle that places difficult demands on family and social obligations. They are also physically demanding and many crew members who do not have the appropriate physique (appropriate body mass index or body mass index) commonly suffer lower back injuries on the job due to the amount of bending, sitting and lifting required to support the baggage, trolley, trolley and equipment used on board the aircraft.

Besides irregular flight time and sleep and meal times, cabin crew usually have an irregular sleep and meal pattern. Hence it is not a glamorous job except for the perks of travel, hotels and the uniform of some international airlines.

With the onset of budget airlines, many cabin crew don’t even fly off the plane landing in other countries just to transfer before returning home. These are called round-trip flights, and usually affect short flights of no more than 3 or 4 hours from the country of origin. Flight allowance, per diem, meal and layover allowance is also lower due to fast shift patterns being short term trips.

4. What are the disadvantages of this position?
a. jet lag
B. Irregular weight gain/loss
c. Minor cuts and injuries on board
Dr.. lower back pain
H. Lack of mental stimulation in the long term
F. Physical fatigue
g. drying
h. Rash due to travel abroad and weather changes
I. Sensitivity to hotel and aircraft environments
j. Harassment of the opposite sex
K. relationship commitment
to. Motion sickness
M. Financial habits and lifestyle
n. Hierarchical reporting structure
a. Irregular or unrelated working hours

5. What are the advantages of this position?
Working as a cabin crew member is not just a job, but a way of life and provides a very stimulating and alternative lifestyle where no two work days are likely to be the same. The sheer dynamics of different crew, passenger profiles, destinations, and menu structure ensure that there is always diversity.
Moreover, there are opportunities to visit places and experience cultures that are beyond the reach of most people. Cabin crew go places they’ve always dreamed of and find interests in destinations they didn’t necessarily choose to go.

In addition, it feels good to get business people to their meetings on time, to reunite with family and friends; Deliver the newlyweds to their honeymoon destinations, or vacation vibes to their dream vacation spot. There is a real feeling of doing something worthwhile, in a unique way that not many jobs regularly produce at the end of a hard day.

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