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Qualities of a good eco-resort

There is a growing number of eco-resorts popping up around the world to cater to the many people who want to travel sustainably. It’s easy to find eco-branded resorts but it’s hard to find one that truly embodies the environmental and cultural ideals of an eco-resort. Here are some of the things that will characterize a good eco-friendly resort, so when choosing a sustainable travel accommodation you should consider whether your choice offers the following:

Residences made of reclaimed or natural materials:

Sometimes huts may be made of mud, for example, and topped with thatch, or built entirely of driftwood or timber from sustainable forests—although unusual examples of recycling items such as the fuselage of an airplane can also be found.

Water use is considered considerate and rainwater systems are used where possible:

The best eco-lodges use rainwater systems at least for non-potable water needs. Some of them have excellent filtration systems. Composting toilets may have been used as an excellent off-grid option, particularly in areas of water shortage.

Organic food is grown on or near the site:

It is a good sign when food production is an integral part of a holiday accommodation provider setup, as this shows that the site can be self-sufficient in principle. You can also rest assured that you will enjoy high quality organic products during your stay.

Energy for any heating or lighting from renewable sources:

Energy is one of the biggest areas when considering a resort’s carbon footprint. The best one has its own renewable energy sources.

Waste systems are considered and trash is recycled where possible:

The best environmental concerns consider the sustainability of their tourism project from start to finish. If they have a truly sustainable system, waste will be considered and recycling will be a big part of their plans.

They hire and engage local people and give back to the local community:

Taking care of people is an important part of sustainable travel. An eco-resort should always be firmly rooted in the local community and culture. Those who do not do so will not endure in the long run and can cause discord and resentment.

It protects the surrounding environment and has a low impact:

The best eco resorts tread lightly and have strict measures in place to ensure that the beautiful natural environment and wildlife are preserved in pristine condition for future generations to enjoy. Any tours offered are carefully considered and environmental programs are implemented to prevent deterioration or deterioration.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly resort, there are plenty to choose from. But just make sure you don’t fall for the unscrupulous people in tourism who misapply the “eco” label in order to profit from this lucrative green industry. But don’t be alarmed by the proliferation of fake and sought-after products. An eco-friendly resort can be one of the best ways to spend a luxury vacation without costing the planet too much.

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