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Somnath Tourism – All you need to know before you go

Somnath Tourism - All you need to know before you go

Somnath means “Lord of the Moon”. This holy destination was initially known as ‘Prabhas Patan’. The city is unaffected by modern luxuries and still retains its mythological, historical and pious appeal to the masses of Hindu followers. The land has been a favorite choice for many tourists globally as it is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas. Given the diversity that India has to offer in terms of terrain, climate, cuisine, architecture, art and culture, this place is worth a visit or two. The site is blessed with a variety of religious monuments and temples. Travel and tour facility is also available to get around in and around the city.

City history

Somnath is the name of the moon who once ignored certain sayings of his father-in-law Daksha. As a result, Daksha cursed Soma for misleading him. With this, the moon began to shrink in the sea; Many pleaded with him to ask him to undo his curse. Finally, Daksha asked Soma to take a bath in the Saraswati River, and then prayed to Lord Shiva for his subjugation. So; Lord Shiva was happy and regained the moonlight.


Somnath pilgrimage stands on the shore of the Arabian Sea in the western corner of the Indian subcontinent in the state of Gujarat. The destination has ideal geographical surroundings and is blessed with greenery on all sides.


Somnath’s climate is pleasant and mild all year round. During monsoons, the atmosphere of the place becomes damp and cool. The daytime temperature in summer is usually around 24°C and the temperature in winter usually ranges from 10 to 23°C.


Sumanth, culturally is a land rich in traditional philosophy to show off. The traditions and culture here are full of color and music thus attracting large numbers of local and foreign travelers. The dynamic and energetic lifestyle of the indigenous people of this place reflects the many religious, social and cultural ceremonies that are celebrated with great passion and enthusiasm. The locals of this place are very religious and follow their culture with vigor. The natives are friendly and fun.

Transportation by air, bus and train

Somnath has the nearest airport Diu which is 90 km from the city. The airport is well connected to other metro cities in India. Veraval line in Konkan is the nearest junction which is just 5 km away from other cities of India. Frequent trains are found to reach this place. Government transport buses and other private transportation connect this place to other cities.

Best time to visit

Somnath is a must visit to experience at its best from October to March when there are a number of festivals and cultural activities taking place and also this time the climate is suitable for sightseeing.

Tourist attractions and places to visit

Kailash Temple

This is among the many important pilgrimages and the primary highlight of Somnath as it is known all over the world. The magnificent architectural beauty makes the place the most amazing among the other tourist attractions in Somnath. The fifty-meter-high tower, adorned with sacred images and idols, is famous for its intricate carvings.


The museum of this place is famous for its traditional collection of artifacts that shed light on the golden age of this temple which makes it a must-see among the many tourist attractions in Somnath.

Sound and Light Show

It is truly a breathtaking sight that should not be missed while visiting the temple. The show attracts a lot of audience and is known to be the most amazing show among the places to visit in Somnath.

Bhalka Tirth

It is another major tourist spots among the many places to visit Somnath. This is where Shri Krishna was wounded before his death.

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